Edith Pro for X11 - preliminary beta

Edith Pro for X11 - preliminary beta

Post by Annius Groeni » Tue, 07 May 1996 04:00:00

Edith Pro V1.3 beta - Preliminary announcement and call for beta testers

               Edith Pro for X11 - a windowing text editor

Edith  Pro  is a  high quality  user-friendly  text editing  system that
combines  a  modern, colourful  multi-window  user interface  with large
basic editing flexibility.  It is intended for those who want a powerful
editing  tool, but are _not_  prepared to spend a  wealth of energy into
learning and configuring their applications.

It  is  intended to  eventually  become low-budget  commercial software,
probably  at 80 US$ for  a single-user licence, and  about 800 US$ for a
site-wide  licence.   The PostScript  manual  and binaries  (and regular
updates!)  will be  freely available,  but without  an encrypted licence
file, they will refuse to save files.

A  binary distribution of Edith  Pro is now ready  for beta testing on a
limited scale for the following platforms:

   Linux (a.out)
   IRIX 5.2

If  you are interested  in becoming a  beta tester, please  send a small
informative message to

explaining  the systems you use, what you typically use editing software
for, etc.

For more information, check the ZFC web pages on http://www.nl.net/~zfc/


Edith  Pro  concentrates  on  editing  features  that  are  universal in
applicability;  as such  it is _not_  a programmable editor,  but it has
many  well  thought-out elementary  features  that allow  efficient text
editing for arbitrary types of text.

Special features are:

   -  A  multi-fragment selection/buffer  system, including manipulation
      of  column  selections.   All  operations  make  sensible  use  of
      multiple selections.

   -  Split  search  and replace  functions  with or  without wildcards,
      based on the multiple selection facility.

   -  A  trash  buffer  for  retrieving previously  deleted  text  (as a
      superior alternative to a multi-stage Undo).

   -  A  simple HTML-compatible info browser with full context-sensitive
      on-line help and an interface to extern WWW loaders such as lynx.

   -  Editing of binary files in C format

   -  Interface  to man, apropos and  a ctags facility, including manual
      creation of tags.

   -  A double true/edit tab system.

   -  Explicit   display   of   tab,   spaces   and   newlines;  instant
      compatibility with Macintosh and MS-DOS files.

   -  A  versatile `text  shortcut' system, with  supplied shortcuts for
      LaTeX, HTML and 7 ISO-Latin sets.

   -  Editor  parameters can be specified for  up to 4 different editing
      modes determined by the extension of the edited file.

   -  A continuously active line-macro recorder.

   -  8 bit proof; easy access to accented characters.

   -  Cell-corrected display of proportional fonts

   -  A UNIX filter facility (as in VI)

   -  (Optional) smart window management allows a multi-windowing system
      without frequent need to move the mouse.

   -  A  client-server protocol: at most one Edith Pro server is running
      on  an X display, and subsequent calls  will send a message to the
      server.   As such Edith starts extremely quickly, and ensures that
      you are not editing the same file twice.

   -  A  configurable `input queue'  allowing large numbers  of files on
      the command line to put `put on hold'.

   -  An  extra safety facility: `carbon  copies' are written at regular
      intervals and on unexpected termination.

   -  All  properties are  configurable from within  the application; no
      manual editing of configuration files necessary.

Features  _not_ implemented  in this beta  version, but  on the shopping
list, are:

   -  A make/execute command facility with `clickable errors'

   -  Emacs info/TeXinfo.

   -  An easy interface to rcp and mtools, allowing you to handle remote
      files  and  files on  a floppy  disk as  though they  were regular

   -  Non-transparent  widgets (Edith  was built with  a private toolkit
      based on DRI GEM).

   -  Enhanced font resolution (antialiasing)

   -  Remove  the sensibility to 0 characters  (currently, a text with 0
      characters is opened in Binary mode).

Room M233, CWI, Kruislaan 413, 1098 SJ Amsterdam phone +31 20 592 40 77
.. and ZFC/home P.O.Box 15813, 1001 NH Amsterdam phone +31 20 4 208 248