ansi-c++ library man pages?

ansi-c++ library man pages?

Post by Peter Joachim Uno » Mon, 18 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone have (or working on) free man pages for the
(draft) ansi-c++ library? Andries Brouwer, then maintainer
of the linux man pages, didn't know of anyone working on this.
If really nobody has started on this task, then I'll give it
a serious try ASAP.
Has any of the commercial c++-compiler vendors provided man
pages for the ansi-c++ library yet?

 best regards


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Hi, I'm still searching for ANSI-C manual
man/html would be great !

any URLs ?

Thanx to Linus  /snail/ Oberdorf 4, 37136 Landolfshausen
for a hell of  /voice/ +49 5507 2711     \     \
a system !    /f a x/ +49 5507 91150      GERMANY

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