Better FTP clients: NCFTP

Better FTP clients: NCFTP

Post by Bruce Scott T » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 02:40:34

|> Try ncftp.  It allows command line editing, history, and a bunch of other
|> stuff like estimated time of arrival, having a "more" command built-in for
|> READMEs, etc.  I off hand forget where I got it, try sunsite: there's some
|> X11 ftp clients available there too, or use xarchie and search for ncftp.

Did you compile your ncftp?  I did mine, but while the basic thing works
(and works great!) you have to haul the readline stuff over from the GNU
archive and compile the libreadline.a independently.  If you did that,
which directory did you un-tar the archive from, and in which directory did
you run the configure and the make on readline?

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After installing GCC and includes, libs, and utils, my FTP ability
has pretty much gone down the toilet. I get a "fdopen failed"
error when trying to ftp out to other machines and into this machine.
I've also downloaded ncftp (got to use tftp... weee! :-) and compiled it,
and i still get the error... and it also returns "illegal seek". I can't  
imagine what I could have
trashed during the install, as I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to
Linux and lower-level Un*x problems. Has anyone else had this problem??
Anyone have any ideas?

I'm using kernel 1.0.9 off the mini-linux distribution. I have installed
GCC 2.6.2, image 4.6.27, include 4.6.27, libc 4.6.27, and binutils I'm not down-to-the-wire certain that installing GCC had
anything to do with it, but that's when i first encountered the problem.

Any help/hints/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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