emacs 19.29 problems with ispell dialog

emacs 19.29 problems with ispell dialog

Post by Christian Schwar » Sat, 08 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hello everybody!

I just got the new emacs 19.29 compiled (a.out format) and everything
works perfectly, except one thing: when I spell check my buffer in
ispell mode and modify my dictionary by adding a new words, ispell/emacs
asks about saving the dictionary after spelling the buffer. This
question is normally displayed in the mini buffer, but the new emacs
version *sometimes* opens an athena dialog for the query. When this
happens, each reaction of myself (a keypress or mouse klick) causes emacs
to crash - without saved the dictionary or the buffers.

BTW, I just installed the Xaw3d-binaries a few days ago. Could this be
the problem?

Is there anybody who knows about this problem and where I can turn of
this dialog box?

Thanks in advance,

Christian Schwarz


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