Automated Software testing tool with support for Linux...

Automated Software testing tool with support for Linux...

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"The Standard For Compatibility and Interoperability Testing"

** The Compatibility Challenge **

Large companies face the challenge of keeping up with the latest
computing and networking technology. Organizations still have to
support older legacy systems and at the same time provide new
technology  to run the latest Client / Server systems. Before
upgrading to the latest operating systems and PC hardware, all
the pieces of the complex technology puzzle must fit together
smoothly.  For companies that make PC hardware, operating
systems, or application software, ensuring that new products are
compatible with both older and newer PC technology is critical.
Untested products will eventually lead to weaker corporate
profits and reduced market share.

Answering the questions: What effect will upgrading to the
newest version of an operating system have on an organization's
existing applications and network environment? What effect will
upgrading to the newest version of a network operating system
have?  If an organization upgrades its internal desktop PCs and
network servers, how will that effect the overall functionality
and performance of the existing applications?  (Will overall
application performance increase?  Will older legacy systems
function properly?)  These are just a few of the critical
questions that can be answered very quickly and efficiently by
deploying the AutoScriptor testing environment .  AutoScriptor
enables a QA Team to simulate the activity within a production
environment without changing or interfering with operating
systems, network protocols, or server environments, helping
preserve millions of invested computing dollars.

** What is AutoScriptor? **

AutoScriptor is a non-intrusive, hardware assisted, automated
software test system for PC based stand-alone and client-server
applications.  AutoScriptor is a comprehensive test system
designed to automate the unattended testing of multiple
operating systems and environments with a single, unique
solution.  AutoScriptor tests both GUI and character
applications running under any PC based operating system
including, QNX, DOS, Windows 3.x, Geoworks,  Windows NT, Windows
95, OS/2, UNIX, NextStep, and other proprietary operating

AutoScriptor's unique architecture makes it possible to support
any PC based operating environment with one simple solution.  By
separating the testing software from the System Under Test
(SUT), AutoScriptor is able to support the testing of any
application running under any operating system without loading
any special drivers or code on the SUT.  This is accomplished by
connecting the SUT to a PC based test server.  The AutoScriptor
Server is connected to each Target (SUT) machine via a
proprietary network.  The AutoScriptor hardware (see diagram )
consists of 2 PC plug-in cards, a client connector box, and 75
ohm cabling.   The Server card is a multi-user network board
that is installed into the Server PC.  It is cabled to the
connector box.  The Target card is installed into the Target
(SUT) for screen, text, and graphical verification.  It is also
cabled to the connector box.  The connector box attaches to the
keyboard and mouse of the Target, enabling the capture and
replay of mouse and keyboard events.  

** Features **

Record / Playback    
In the capture phase (recording), the test engineer exercises
the application under test.  The hardware simulator captures
keystrokes and mouse movements.  The answers from the system,
i.e. screen contents, are captured as well.  This information is
sent from the hardware simulator to the AutoScriptor Client /
Server application to be stored in an ANSI C based test script.
In the subsequent playback phase (execution), the test script is
executed on one or  many client PC(s) directed by the
AutoScriptor server application.  During playback execution, all
application responses are captured and the true performance of
the software under test is accurately measured.  This phase runs
unattended and automatically synchronizes to the application
under test.

Object Libraries
The power of AutoScriptor lies in its ability to capture
reusable objects  (icons, push-buttons, menu items,
list boxes, hyper-text links, etc.) and reuse them throughout
all test cases.  Either while recording or off-line, patterns
can be captured, updated or replaced.  These patterns are
stored in user definable directory structures and can then be
re-used when recording future scripts.  This technology
drastically reduces the time spent on test script
maintenance and allows for cross platform script portability.

** When Is AutoScriptor Used? **

Performance and Benchmarking
The AutoScriptor network allows you to simultaneously test
multiple machines connected to a LAN.  Because of its
non-intrusive design, AutoScriptor can collect the most
accurate benchmarks and produce system load without taking
up additional system resources.

Compatibility / Interoperability Testing
Changes in computer hardware, network versions, and operating
systems can cause unexpected compatibility problems with
existing hardware and software.  Prior to a production roll
out to large numbers of users, AutoScriptor provides a clean
way to ensure that these types of changes will not adversely effect
current applications and operating environments.

Operating System / Internet Testing
Intel based operating systems such as, Linux, NextStep, PC Solaris,
GEOS, QNX, VENIX, etc. are not supported by software test
tool vendors.   All of these operating systems  and more are
fully supported by AutoScriptor. Any Internet / Intranet based
application is fully supported including hyperlink verification and Java
applet testing.

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