Linking against SCO static Library ?

Linking against SCO static Library ?

Post by Wolfgang Rupp » Tue, 09 Apr 1996 04:00:00


the subject says it: I want to compile a program under Linux using gcc 2.7.0, link it
against a SCO static lib and run it (using iBCS ?) under Linux.

Any hint if this is possible or not is welcome..



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I'm trying to link a static library against another static library, but I
get lot of 'undefined reference' errors.

here's what I have

        some cpp files resulting to libCommon.a

        some cpp files, which use classes from /Common, resulting to
        main.cpp, using libSimulation.a

I want compile all the /Common stuff into a single static library,
libCommon.a. This will then get used by libraries for specific
applications, e.g. Simulation. I want the /Simulation stuff also to be
compiled into a library, which uses the libCommon.a

Both libraries compile and link, but when I try to link the main executable
it complains about undefined references in libSimulation.a

Some help please?



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