Looking for sound-utilities for soundblaster

Looking for sound-utilities for soundblaster

Post by Bert » Thu, 05 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know a good soundutility that works with  8-bit soundblaster
compatible soundcards?
I'd like to have a little graphic utility for .au files and maybe even
Sofar I have had no luck in my search. Most utilities assume the
existence of a mixer device.

Suggenstions are welcome by email!



1. Looking for good *sounding* sound card

I'm looking for a sound card which has good s/n and also does better
than adequate digitisation - I have old analogue tapes I want to
transfer to CD.

The Turtle Beach Fiji has been suggested as fitting the bill - except
that it seems to be in the unsupported category in the sound HOWTO.

Does anyone have either definitive evidence that the TB Fiji works or
another suggestion for a quality sound card.
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