Porting INN and using UNIX Domain

Porting INN and using UNIX Domain

Post by S. Joel Ka » Mon, 20 Feb 1995 19:15:56

        I'd very much like to get a Linux port of INN to use Unix domain
sockets but I keep getting the RECV error (Invalid argument). I am trying
to tinker with the code to get it to work, but I make one change then
wait an hour, repeat. What a pain.

        I know what the problem is, INN doesn't want to connect the
control socket (to save an fd), so it tries to receive datagrams on it.
Linux doesn't seem to support using recv on an unconnect socket. Does
anyone know the fix?


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1. INN 1.4 with UNIX Domain sockets ?

I can't get INN 1.4sec to run with UNIX domain sockets enabled.  
Compilation goes OK, installation goes without a hitch, but once I
fire up innd it immediately starts bombarding syslog with 'ME cant
recv CCReader Invalid argument' messages (several thousand a minute).

I'm running 0.99pl15 with net2e-beta4.  Netstat shows that there are unix
connections - /usr/lib/news/innd/nntpin and /usr/lib/news/innd/control.  
I have HAVE_UNIX_DOMAIN set to DO, and have tried with BIND_USE_SIZEOF
set to both DO and DONT.  

Any suggestions ?

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