Does RH5.2 support 18G SCSI HD?

Does RH5.2 support 18G SCSI HD?

Post by Peter Lypki » Mon, 03 May 1999 04:00:00

I've set up a Linux server to do backups with a DLT tape drive, a 9G HD,
and a 36G HD....all of these are hooked onto a 2940, and they work
great.  The DLT runs for about 12hours a day, and gets pretty good speed

This is all on a Slackware system, but the drivers for the 2940 are in
the kernel, so that shouldn't differ between distributions.'s
using 2.2 series kernels.

> does Redhat support 18G HD and 18G for a pattartion

>    and does it support AHA-2940U2W well?

>     is it stable?

>                     thanx


1. HD not supported in RH5.1 setup -> cannot install

hello I'm Charlie,
I've following problem and I hope anyone can help me, please, please.
-> I have a second PC, it's a i386SX with mathematically co-processor,
and I tried to install a RedHat 5.1 system there, but in the setup I get
the message that there is no drive where it can copy the files.
First I thought the IDE-controller was the reason because it's an old
16bit ISA-controller. But when I tried two other controllers (16bit ISA
cards too, but newer) I got the same message.
The HD itself is OK because I've already installed a system when it was
build in my Pentium-PC. But I have to install system on it's own PC, for
the right X-server and other peripheral, you now.

thanks and regards

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