UNC file names - where's the spec?

UNC file names - where's the spec?

Post by W. Kierna » Tue, 03 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hello newsgroup!

I was trying recently to write a little console app that looks at
directories, and I decided to make it so it could understand so-called
UNC file names (like "\\SYS_PC\SYS_C\UTILS\MOUSE.EXE").  Oddly enough, I
can't find the spec for UNC file names anywhere.  So I figured, if
anyone in the world could point me in the right direction, most likely
it would be Linux developers, even though my app is a Win32 console
thing.  If you know whwre I can find the spec for UNC file names, I
would greatly appreciate it if you'd eMail me.


1. Access WinNT files from Linux using UNC names (not mounts)

I have Samba up and running between my Linux and NT machines.  I am
working on a client/server program that requires that the Linux
machine update itself with files from NT.  The file locations may
change from time to time, therefore, the NT program sends to the Linux
program (via TCP/IP) the location of the files using UNC format (e.g.

I am able to access the NT share using smbmount and a mount location
without any problem, but since the share location may not be known
ahead of time, I would like to access the files using the passed UNC

Access using format file:/ would be okay
also.  Any method of accessing files other than having to do a
smbmount first.

Any ideas?  Thanks!!!

Ron Langham

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