hardware mp3 player

hardware mp3 player

Post by choi » Wed, 22 Nov 2000 04:00:00

hi all,

some time ago, this newsgroup helped me with some questions about linux
programming for my hardware mp3 player. i finally finished the player,
and have put up a website to show some pics, spread the source code etc:


cu, matthias fritschi


1. Wanted: Portable (hardware) MP3 player that works with Linux?

   I've been shopping around for a Portable MP3 player (one of the
hardware players, similar in size to a Walkman or Discman). The problem
is that for many of the units, the software that interfaces your
computer and the player only runs under `Doze. Fortunately, I didn't
have to look too far to find Linux support (attached below). I'll
probably buy the MPlayer3 since the vendor directly supports Linux
(although I do plan to wait until the 32MB flash cards are available).
My question is; Are there any other Linux compatible players that I
have left out?

   Player               Interface Software
   ======               ========= ========

   Pontis MPlayer3      http://www.mplayer3.com/ (from vendor)
   Saehan MPMan         http://www.world.co.uk/sba/mpman.htm (3rd party)
   Diamond Rio          http://www.world.co.uk/sba/rio.htm (3rd party)

   I've included the Diamond Rio for information only. I'm dating myself,
but I vividly recall the attitude that Diamond took in the early 90's
with regard to releasing the programming information for it's video
cards (the XFree86 folks couldn't get the information needed to support
their cards).  With that memory still fresh, I have no intentions of
*ever* purchasing any Diamond product.

Best Regards, John

 ___|___  | John C. Peterson, KD6EKQ | Try Linux for Intel x86, because

  o/ \o   | San Diego, CA   U.S.A    | See http://www.linux.org/ for info

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