ACE- Adaptive Communications Environment

ACE- Adaptive Communications Environment

Post by Bradley L Schat » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone ported this to linux?



ACE- Adaptive Communications Environment

Post by Jan Rychte » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

    Bradley> Has anyone ported this to linux?

  Some people are working on it, including me. The library will
compile with gcc-2.7.2 + repo patches. Mail me if you need the
binaries. Also, subscribe to the ace-users mailing list, linux-related
issues show up from time to time.

  The _BIG_ problem is threads support. (which I'm working on...)

Jan Rychter


1. Adaptive Domain Environment for Operating Systems

I've put up the following (white) papers out for general discussion:
-Adaptive Domain Environment for Operating Systems (Adeos)
-Building a Real-Time Operating System on top of the Adeos

The first paper discusses the design and implementation of a nano-kernel-
like facility that may be used to take control away from an unmodified
running linux on ix86 for further uses including (but not limited to):
-patch-less kernel debuggers/probers
-running multiple general purpose OSes on the same hardware,
-OS development

As the first item suggests, this may be of interest to some on
this list as kernel debuggers have been a rather pointy subject...

The second document discusses a special case usage of Adeos that
enables a real-time-bound kernel to co-exist with Linux on top of

The documents can be found here:

I've requested a project entry for Adeos on sourceforge and will
update the project's home page as soon as everything is set up.

In the mean time, anyone interested to participate in the project
or that has pertinent information regarding the implementation, or
its feasibility or lack of, as described in the Adeos document is
welcomed to contact me.

KEEP IN MIND that the documents are only a suggested method of
doing things designed to stimulate discussion. There isn't one
line of functionnal code out there (yet).

Best regards,


                 Karim Yaghmour

          Operating System Consultant
 (Linux kernel, real-time and distributed systems)
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