What drag and drop protocol to support?

What drag and drop protocol to support?

Post by Tron Thom » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 05:48:55

I am writing an Xlib application for Linux, and I want to support
dropping a file on the program.

I have invested a couple of weeks trying to implement the XDND
protocol to provide drag and drop functionality for my application.

The program works fine with Gnome Nautilus.  It does not work with KDE
applications like Konqueror.  The research I had done on the internet
suggested that the XDND protocol was supported in KDE 2.x (I am using
KDE 2.2.2-3).  As far as I can tell KDE does not support the XDND

Despite all of this drag and drop works fine between Gnome and KDE
applications.  Obviously there is some common protocol that both
environments are supporting to accomplish this.

Can anyone tell me which protocol this is, and how I can find
documentation on how to implement it?