gcc,g++ binaries for SCO

gcc,g++ binaries for SCO

Post by Jeff Pe » Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:00:00

If someone has, or can, compile the sourcce code for the
gcc and g++ compilers for SCO FreeOpenServer version 5.02
then please let me know. I really need to get some compilers
on my SCO.

As you might guess I am from the LINUX world but am exploring.

--Jeff Peck


gcc,g++ binaries for SCO

Post by Clayton L. Hin » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00

>If someone has, or can, compile the sourcce code for the
>gcc and g++ compilers for SCO FreeOpenServer version 5.02
>then please let me know. I really need to get some compilers
>on my SCO.

Someone here at Miami University is running SCO (only because there's no
Linux port of the app he has to run), and was looking for gcc.  

Unix Software Specialist                  Miami University, Oxford, OH, USA

From the SCO FAQ, found in comp.unix.sco.misc:

What do I need to compile programs?
  Xenix, Unix and ODT do not ship with program development tools.  These
  are unbundled into packages known as Development Systems.  The rationale
  behind this is that many users of SCO systems are using off-the-shelf
  software and never need to write a line of C code.  If everyone was
  forced to buy the development system whether they needed it or not,
  some of the customers might get upset.  There is a periodic flame war
  about this; this is not the place to discuss it.

  You can buy the Development System for any of the three environments
  listed above as a separate package including the compiler, header
  files, libraries, lex, yacc, linker, and other tools.  Additionally,
  development systems are available for other packages such as TCP/IP;
  these development systems add the include files, libraries, etc.
  required to program for the package in question.  The ODT Dev Sys
  includes the development tools for all of the other goodies (e.g.
  TCP/IP, X) that are bundled into ODT.  Since OSR5 generally bundles
  the various runtime packages (e.g. TCP/IP) with the OS, it also
  bundles the same development packages, so there are not the same
  development system add-ons in OSR5 that there were in previous

  There are versions of GCC (the Gnu C Compiler) freely available for
  SCO systems.  On older SCO operating systems, however, you will
  probably need the development system, as the header and library files
  you need are part of it and not part of the operating system itself.
  This problem has been alleviated in OpenServer Release 5, as
  the headers and libraries are now shipped as part of the base
  operating system and are available even if you have not purchased the
  development system.

  gcc sources and binaries for OpenServer Release 5 only are on the
  free Skunkware 5 CD-Rom; for more info, see

  gcc sources and binaries are also available on Robert Lipe's home page:
  and mirrored by SCO at


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