date objects in C++

date objects in C++

Post by Leo Cambilargi » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I've read though the info files for libc and libg++ and the information on
using the date objects is to vague for me to implement.  I would like
BROKENTIME formated objects so I can use the date and time.

How to you get the date (is it tm) object initialized and functional?  Can
someone send me some sample code with the date and time printed?




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I'm working with Forte 6.2
xxx.o is an object file that uses some STL (stack which defaults to use deque)
If I link the program with xxx.o it is OK.
I created a library libxxx.a from xxx.o using ar -rc
If I link with  -lxxx I get undefined symbols for some stl stuff (i.e.
std:deque) referenced in that library.  I even did a diff of the symbol tables
and with the exception of the tag identifying the files, they are identical so
I'm inclined to believe this is a care and feeding issue of the 6.2 beast which
I am only using -g -mt options.

Thanks for any suggestions.

(no problem with the GNU port)


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