CAD for Linux?

CAD for Linux?

Post by Mark Hamst » Sun, 14 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> I know that MicroStation will run under Linux.. but does
> anyone know what it costs?  Has anyone actually tried it
> under Linux? How well does it work?

Quite well today, better in the future.  I've got a couple
of trouble reports from users that I need to resolve, and
I've got to find the time soon to look at adding additional
functionality before the next release (no promises, but I'm
*really* interested in Mesa-3Dfx...), but I think the
general concensus is that the existing port is quite nice.

Quote:> Seems to me that the field is wide open for an inexpensive
> cad app for Linux.... say around the $100 area.  Sorta like
> TurboCad is to Win 95.

I dunno: several inexpensive CAD packages have come and gone
on the Windows platform, so evidently low-end CAD is not an
easy business even in a high-volume market.  The low-end
products do keep getting better, though, so we know it's
important to keep our relative advantage by retaining and
extending our technology leadership position as well as
offering exceptional customer and third-party developer

Those advantages don't come cheap: while the Engineering Suites,
of which the current Linux port is a part, are an exceptional
value (at ~US$250 depends on your geographic location...),
a fully supported commercial license of MicroStation on Linux
would cost the same as on our other supported platforms (again,
it varies by location, but roughly the same as AutoCAD.)  Let
us know at
if you are interested in commercial licensing.

Quote:> I am just getting ready to try Linux for the first time.  My
> idea of Unix and Linux was that it was a tool for engineers
> and scientists... so I'm puzzled why there isn;t but _one
> cad app.

Simply a lack of demonstrated market.  Speak up.

Mark Hamstra
Bentley Systems, Inc.


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Can anyone recommend a robust long lived CAD software package which will
run under linux? I am interested in something that I can use for years
and at the end of which I will not have my designs and drawings in a
strange format that no one else supports should the software package be
discontinued. The Linux journal special addition mentions Siscad which
apparently doesn't even really exist as best as I can tell and for sure
not in an English Version? BrlCAD sounds interesting, but it is a ray
tracing program?  Also as best I can tell, AUTOCAD does not support
Linux? I fetched software from VARKON, but it seems to be a developers
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