XaoS 2.2 - fast portable realtime interactive fractal zoomer/morpher

XaoS 2.2 - fast portable realtime interactive fractal zoomer/morpher

Post by Jan Hubic » Sat, 08 Feb 1997 04:00:00

                                    >X a o S<

        Jan Hubicka     (hubi...@paru.cas.cz)
                        - Zooming routines, ugly interface,
                          palettes,drivers, autopilot, stereograms,
                          fast julia browsing mode
        Thomas Marsh    (tma...@austin.ibm.com)
                        - First zoomer, formulas, planes,
                          X11 driver, inversions
        Tapio K. Vocaldo(t...@rmx.com)
                        - Macintosh port
        Thomas A. K. Kjaer(takj...@daimi.aau.dk)
                        - OS/2 ports (320x200 graphics and text)
        Terje Pedersen  (terj...@login.eunet.no)
                        - Amiga port

        XaoS is a fast portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer.
        It displays the Mandelbrot set (among other escape time
        fractals) and allows you zoom smoothly into the fractal.  
        Various coloring modes are provided for both the points inside
        and outside the selected set. In addition, switching between
        Julia and Mandelbrot fractal types and displaying planes is
        provided. The first version was a poorly written Mandelbrot
        view by Thomas later modified by Jan to support high frame-rate
        zooming. Other additions were later made including autopilot
        (for those of you without drivers licenses), palette changing,
        GIF saving, and fractal inversion.

          X11 (8bpp pseudocolor 8,15,16,24,31 truecolor, StaticGray and
               StaticColor only)
          Curses (yes! text mode version available!)
          Linux/SVGAlib (svgalib 1.2.10 or newer recomended)
        OTHER OS:
        plan9 (8bpp displays only)
        MS-DOS (djgpp/allegro - supports VESA 2.0/1.0,
                                VGA - 320x200 and X modes,
                                S3, Cirrus, ET4000 in
                                resolutions 256x256-1200x1600)
        Macintosh (displays with 8bit support only)
            This port is available just for version 2.1
        OS/2 (320x200 mode 13 and text mode)
        Amiga (256 workbench displays only)

        o Fast smooth interactive realtime zooming. Even on 486!
        o 11 fractal formulas:
                Mandelbrot power 2 - Mandelbrot power 6
                [NEW] Magnet
        o Autopilot
        o Random palettes
        o Saving to gif files
        o 7 outcoloring modes + 2 incoloring modes
        o both Mandelbrot and Julia forms of fractals
        o special image stretching algorithm for fast zooming
          described in algorithms.html
        o solid guessing
        o many supported platforms including text mode drivers
        o zoom up to 64051194700380384 times
        o [NEW] unzooms more than 1267966761981568116729735090176 times
        o [NEW] Palette rotation
        o [NEW] Dynamic resolution
        o [NEW] Fast julia browsing mode
        o [NEW] Random dot stereograms in animation
        o [NEW] Supports non-standard monitor sizes

MAIN CHANGES: (except those features marked as [NEW])
        o Speedups(60fps -> 80fps), cleanups, bugfixes...
        o Mailing lists (see bellow - subscribe NOW!)
        o Tutorial
        o Algorithm description (for possible XaoS developers)
        o PROBLEMS file describing most common problems with running XaoS
        o README.gcc file describing problems with some versions of gcc
        o Updated homepage (html version of tutorial, new images in gallery)
        o xaosman.txt - text version of unix manual page describing
          command line options
        o Palette generation routine is now better
        o Aproximation algorithm now produces better and smoother results
        o zooming to choosed point is more exact

        XaoS comes in various files:
        XaoS-2.2.tar.gz         sources
        XaoS*.rpm               Red-hat packages
        XaoS*.deb               Debian packages
        xaos22s.zip             Sources in zip format for DOS users
        xaos22b.zip             .exe file for DOS
        XaoS22-OS2.zip          .exe file for OS/2
        Macxaos_2.1.sea.hqx     Macintosh distribution (Only for 2.1)
        xaos22.lzh              Amiga binarry. Note that this
                                file is uploaded only to aminet.

        All can be found at following site:
        ftp.ta.jcu.cz   /pub/linux/hubicka

        UNIX version:
        sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/Incoming (will be moved somewhere)
        tsx-11.mit.edu  now in /incoming..will be placed into
                        /pub/linux/binaries/usr.bin or
        ftp.x.org       /contrib/graphics

        MS-DOS version:
        ftp.simtel.net  /pub/simtelnet/msdos/graphics

        Europe: http://www.paru.cas.cz/~hubicka/XaoS/
                       (Only page currently up to date)
        U.S.:   http://www.tedium.com/XaoS/
                http://www.realtime.net/~amadeus/XaoS/ (This page will be
                                        removed soon. Use new location

        XaoS now have following mailing lists at

          this list is for general xaos discusion
          (ideas, questions, bugreports..)
          keeps you informed about new versions
          you want to become XaoS developer? Subscribe here and
          let us know about you! You will be welcomed.
        To subscribe send following message to

        subscribe [list_name]

        XaoS uses floating point math for its calculations. This may
        be slow on some computers. The program was developed on
        a Pentium running at 120 MHz, but it can work quite well (20fps)
        on 486Dx/2. I also received nice letters from users using
        XaoS at 386/40 or so. Coprocessor is _REALLY_ required.
        Faster computer is better so alpha/600MHZ recomended.  

        To compile XaoS you need ANSI compliant compiler with _GOOD_
        optimizations.  Unix version uses configure script. Other
        platforms uses different ways.  GNU CC is highly recommended.
        Graphics drivers usually have some additional requirements.
        (for example xlib for X11, djgpp and allegro for dos port)
        Also fast malloc/free routines are recomended because they
        are called quite often (10 times per frame)

        Stanislav "XaoS" Mikes
                - for the name of our program
        Borislav Deianov
                - for sharing ideas
        Isaac Newton
                - for discovering his method
        Benoit B. Mandelbrot
                - for ordering the Julia sets
        Linus Torvalds
                - for the best operating system
        Tim Wegner & Bert Tyler
                - for Fractint
        Darryl House
                - for making Fractint's code readable

        Bill Gates