Changing program stack size

Changing program stack size

Post by Frank Shell » Sun, 08 Apr 2001 13:19:21

The applications that I'm writing need a lot more stack space than
seems to be allocated by default.  I've been through the docs
on ld and it is not obvious how to modify the stack allocation.
Any pointers?



Changing program stack size

Post by Ferenc Wagne » Mon, 09 Apr 2001 06:21:27

Try ulimit:
man bash
Hope this helps you.


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Hi All.

I have Slackware 96 with kernel 2.0 installed on my Pentium
133 with 32 Mb RAM.
I want to run program which use big data arrays in stack.
Some what about 8-12 Mb. But I can't. Program failed with core.
I belive that stack size has fixed value and it less then I need.

Does anibody knows how I can change stack size ?

(Sorry for my bad english. I have no much practice in it )

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