Any Good, Nice and cheap Development software?

Any Good, Nice and cheap Development software?

Post by hbe.. » Sun, 08 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I want to develop a comercial software but Im looking a good
development software. If you know about any please let me know.



1. Nice. Nice nice nice.

So I'd heard about this Linux thing - let's face it, you can't spend
any more than a year online and NOT hear about it unless you're under
some cybernetic rock - and always felt I ought to give it a try at
some point. Picked up the friendly yellow 'For Dummies' book which
came with three CDs of RH7.0. Lots of nice hand-holding throughout the
install process (which got me safely through a major glitch when the X
installer, starting up reasonably enough in a no-risk 640x480, got the
screen geometry totally wrong and was illegible, and pointed me in the
right direction for LOADLIN when lilo couldn't cope with Linux being
at the back end of a big drive) and I soon got into the OS. Got it
online, no worries. Well, this is nice, I said to myself, but
eventually I largely forgot about the system lurking at the other end
of my drive and returned through force of habit to Windows95.

But not willing to just plain give up (there's a principle involved,
dammit!) I sent off for the RH7.2 CDs when it came out. Fifteen quid.
Well, bugger me sideways... this new KDE is seriously slick, it just
*feels* faster, smoother, the lot. I'd imagine a lot of the discussion
of new distributions on here centres on technical aspects of kernels
and so forth, but speaking as a Windows refugee fleeing the imminent
prospect of XP's Big Brother pirate protection, it's looking like
Linux can become a happy home.

So much so, in fact, that I'm planning on getting myself a new
computer in a year or so, and having whatever the latest RH Linux is
as the main OS. Bill's not seeing another penny if I can help it...
(he says, posting with a Hotmail address in a slightly embarrassed

Odds are a fair number of people reading had some input into this nice
new OS I'm using now, so I just have to say, thanks guys.

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