Joystick support for Doom

Joystick support for Doom

Post by David Whitwe » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 02:48:29

I'm running the excellent linux port for Doom, but would like to use my
joystick attached to the game port instead of the keyboard. I've heard someone
has generated a patch to do this; does anyone know where it is?

David Whitwell


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Help! I successfully rebuilt the linux 1.2.8 kernel for SB16 support

I then made a zdisk to /dev/fd0. now the machine won't load the new
kernel, just the old one (using LILO).

how did you get the thing to work? (SB AWE32 w/ flightstick)

the computer shows

loading ..............................................................
then it hangs.

(what can be done?)
(the documentation files are really pitiful; I've also looked through
the faq's to no avail- I'm using the 'developer's resource 4-CD


(How about making a *real* LILO disk with my new zImage)

makebootdisk doesn't work the way I want it to

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