Prolog for Linux?

Prolog for Linux?

Post by Jonathan G Campbel » Sat, 25 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Any recommendations of a Prolog for Linux? I'm happy to work with
editor/compiler, i.e. I don't need an elaborate IDE -- but maybe that
shows ignorance of how Prolog operates.

My application is that I will teach an introductory course on Prolog.
For the classes, we will probably use LPA Prolog, but I cannot persuade
myself to run Windows on my personal machine.

Of course, given a viable Linux Prolog, since our labs have dual
bootable machines, we could use that for the classes too.

[comp.lang.prolog people: Also, I'd be grateful to hear of
recommendations for introductory textbooks, and/or web resources; I have
Bratko, and will buy Clocksin & Mellish; Shapiro & ??? seems to be out
of print].

Many thanks in anticipation.

Jon Campbell

P.S. I realise that, about a year ago, I asked questions about teaching
Prolog; but, eventually I didn't take the course. j.c.

Jonathan G Campbell Univ. Ulster Magee College Derry BT48 7JL N. Ireland