Linux Serial Port Programming problem - ioctl -

Linux Serial Port Programming problem - ioctl -

Post by Grahame M. Kell » Thu, 11 Jul 1996 04:00:00


I am trying to talk to my UPS via a serial port under Linux.
I have a problem talking to it under Linux. I am unsure why the
problem exists because the same program works to a dumb terminal
(/dev/ttyS0) and is OK with a self generated DOS driver.  

/dev/UPS is a symbolic link to /dev/cua1 (Com2 for ya DOS'ies).  UPS
expects 1200 baud, 8 bit data, 2 stop bits and no parity.
I am using the termios.h file, and I have read and re-read the HOWTO's
and other available info on the Net.  I know the port, UPS, and its
cable is OK as I am able to talk correctly to the UPS via a comms
program (Mirror) without changing any hardware.

Any help will be most appreciated.
Thanks & cheers Grahame.

------------------------- program starts here -------------------------
#include <stdio.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <termios.h>

#define TIMEOUT 10
#define FALSE 0
#define TRUE 1
#define MAX 80
#define MYPORT "/dev/UPS"

static int timeout = FALSE;
static char *termname, *name;
static int mfd, wcount = 0, rcount = 0;
char *Mess = "OK", line[MAX];  /* Note No cr/lf needed */
struct termio tsaved, tmp;

static int settimeout()
        fprintf(stderr, "TIMEOUT: on opening %s\n", name);
        timeout = TRUE;


ttyopen(filename, flags)
char *filename;
int flags;
        int (* sigfn)(), mfd = -1;

        termname = filename;

        /*set the timeout flag*/
        timeout = FALSE;

        /*set SIGALRM action*/
        sigfn = signal(SIGALRM, settimeout);

        mfd = open(filename, flags);

        /*reset things*/
        signal(SIGALRM, sigfn);

        return (timeout ? -1: mfd);


int main()
        int (* sigfn)(), status;

        mfd = ttyopen (MYPORT, O_RDWR);
        if (mfd > 0) {
                fprintf(stdout, "TTY Device opened OK\n");
                name = ttyname(mfd);
                if(isatty(mfd)) {
                        fprintf(stderr, "fd %d =>> %s\n", mfd, name);
                        fprintf(stderr, "fd %d =>> Line is not a
terminal!\n", mfd);

                ioctl(mfd, TCGETA, &tsaved);    /* Get the current IOCTL
                tmp = tsaved;                   /* Copied current to
future */

                tmp.c_cflag &= ~CBAUD;          /* Set Buad Rate */
                tmp.c_cflag |= B1200;           /* Baud Rate = 1200 */
                tmp.c_cflag &= ~CSIZE;          /* Set Code Size */
                tmp.c_cflag |= CS8;             /* Codesize = 8 */
                tmp.c_cflag |= CSTOPB;          /* 2 Stop Bits */
                tmp.c_cflag &= ~PARENB;         /* Disable Parity */
                tmp.c_cc[VMIN] = 10;            /* Get char as they come
                tmp.c_cc[VTIME] = 0;
                tmp.c_lflag &= ~ICANON;         /* Raw Mode */

                status = ioctl(mfd, TCSETA, &tmp);
                if (status < 0) {
                        fprintf(stderr, "Error in set ioctl\n");

                wcount = write(mfd, Mess, sizeof(Mess));
                if (wcount != sizeof(Mess)) {
                        fprintf(stderr, "Error: Outputing Mess to %s\n",
                        fprintf(stderr, "%s updated\n", name);

                        /*set the timeout flag*/
                        timeout = FALSE;

                        /*set SIGALRM action*/
                        sigfn = signal(SIGALRM, settimeout);

                        rcount = read(mfd, &line[0], 1);

                        /*reset things*/
                        signal(SIGALRM, sigfn);

                        line[++rcount] = '\x00';
                        fprintf(stderr, "The number of characters read
-> %d\n\n", rcount);
                        fprintf(stderr, "Input %s data ==>> %s\n", name,
                ioctl(mfd, TCSETA, &tsaved);
                fprintf(stderr, "Invalid %s file descriptor - Error\n",



1. Q: serial port programming with ioctl

Hi netlanders,

I've got some really strange problems while programming the serial port
with ioctls.

I want to turn on DTR with a TIOCMSET-ioctl, but it always takes about
3 seconds to finish the system-call.

Turning off the DTR-Line is no problem at all.....
Fiddling around with the other port lines works also fine...

Hmmmmmhhhhhh.....any solutions to make this a little bit faster ?

The effect is independent of the actual used OS (same for SunOS & Solaris).

(I've appended a few lines of pseudo-code for documentation issues)
#include <termios.h>
#define DEVICE "/dev/ttya"
int state;
device = open(DEVICE, O_RDWR );
res = ioctl(device, TIOCMGET, &state);  /* no problem */

res = ioctl(device, TIOCMSET, &state);  /* needs about 3 seconds ??? */

/* res returns 0 =SUCCESS)

Comments appreciated.....

Thanks in advance,




Computer Science Department , IRB    
University of Dortmund,            voice : +49 231 755 2422  
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