bttv audio issue

bttv audio issue

Post by Tomasz Lack » Wed, 15 Aug 2001 17:18:56

I have a problem I have built in 'c' a simple app which dumps images from
the bttv card to the jpeg file. I would now like to create mpeg with audio
and video together. I have two questions:
- what is the library suggested to use to create mpeg files
- how to get the sound and combine with video to make a synchronized stream,
I think I can use bttv ioctl but how to retrieve the sound buffer then I do
not know, does somebody has a few line of example code how to best do this.

Regards Tomek


1. bttv audio?

I have a cheapo Bt878 TV tuner card-- an AITech WaveWatcher TV-PCI.  It
cost $10 and it works, so I'm happy.  That is, the video works, but so
far the audio doesn't.

I know (or at least, I expect) that I can get the sound to work by
running a patch cable from the sound output of the TV tuner card to one
of the inputs on my sound card.  I don't happen to have a patch cable
handy, so I haven't tried this yet.  But now I wonder: can I get the TV
audio to play via software, without a hardware connection to the sound

Right now I have the bttv and snd-bt87x drivers inserted.  I'm using
ALSA, and in kmix there's an entry for the Bt878 sound card.  It has
just one mixer, "Capture" output, which is at full volume.  But, I don't
hear anything yet.  I've turned on and up all of the input channels on
my sound card, but no luck.

So somehow I need to connect the TV tuner output to the sound card
input, in software.  Can anyone help?


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