FPU performance of Pentium vs. K6 vs. Ppro vs. PII

FPU performance of Pentium vs. K6 vs. Ppro vs. PII

Post by dowle » Fri, 06 Jun 1997 04:00:00

If anyone is interested in trying a few simple benchmarking tests,
I have just the thing. The binaries for the tests (a .tgz file)
and results I have so far can be seen at:


These are a second generation of programs similar in some respects to
some I had available awhile back, but, being adventurous, I decided to
call them version 2 instead of 1.1 :-)

In particular, I'm interested in results from people using the same
motherboard I used: ASUS T2P4 rev 3.1 with 512K onboard cache. If you
can fill in one or more slots in the table, please do so.

To run the tests, simply un-tar the file, cd into the directory, and
run the "bench" script. The results end up in a single file
(./results/summary.`hostname`) which you can edit a but and email to
me. I'll post again when there are a significant number of new


Patrick Dowler
Victoria, BC


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