FPC Setup "Free Pascal Compiler, I am at wit's end"

FPC Setup "Free Pascal Compiler, I am at wit's end"

Post by Clifford Baesema » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I wish to correctly setup my Free Pascal Compiler. The documentation refers
to a .ppc386.cfg file that sets the compiler options so that they do not
have to be typed every compile. I have tried everything to get it to run
from the file. I cannot even tell it it is reading the *&^* .cfg file or
not. Every thing works great if I specify the search paths on the command

I am trying to join an Open Source team but I wan't my stuff to be right
before beginning.

BTW I am using bash.

I have even tried exporting the file paths in bash_profile this is not
working either.



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