SysV Streams & Linux

SysV Streams & Linux

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We are porting some software that uses SysV streams to Linux.
Linux seems to be missing streams functionality (headers like
stropts.h or sys/stream.h are missing; there are no manual
pages on streams). Are there any add-ons on any of the Linux
distributions that adds support for streams on the operating
system runtime libraries ?

--Jesus Alvarez
  Software UNO


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I was looking for some information all over the net to find out how to
implement SYSV stream pipes under Linux. I've read my W.Richard
Stevens and tried the SYSV and BSD way to implement his s_pipe
function and found out that isastream both times returns false under
Linux 2.2.16.

I need some sort of record based IPC on Linux 2.2.16 and really would
like to use putmsg and getmsg (I found stropts.h, but do not know what
I/O is done with streams under Linux).

Just a pointer to some information would already help, I like to read
a lot :), e.g. sources, pointers into glibc, the kernel sources or
some documentation/FAQ.


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