looking for arena shared memory library

looking for arena shared memory library

Post by Jose Ferreira Rezen » Fri, 16 May 1997 04:00:00


I would like to know if the shared memory arena library has been ported
to Linux??

Thanks, Jose



1. Solaris Shared Memory, Shared Libraries and Heap

I have a question about management of the virtual address space for
a process in Solaris.

When it comes to allocating the address space amongst dynamically
varying space requirements of heap, shared memory and shared libraries
what policy does Solaris use?

Are there distinct ranges in the address space reserved for
heap, shared memory and libraries, or can say the space
required by each be split up amongst non-contiguous blocks?

The question was sparked by the existence of the SHMBASE
environment variable used by Informix to set the
base address of shared memory segments created by

I thought that the shmaddr argument to shmat was only a hint
to the OS, and not a explicit command. Having users specify
this seems a horribly non-portable and overall bad idea.

Where would one obtain information about the right/valid base
address to explicitly specify anyway?



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