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Hi - I'm interested in accessing the MBONE for audio, and the two
players I've been able to find, vat and nevot, aren't ported to Linux.
vat's sources aren't available (as far as I can tell) and before I
port nevot, I'm wondering if there's anyone out there doing it already.
If you are, please drop me a line.


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1. Looking for Linux NEVOT bins

Hello all,

Has anyone built NEVOT for linux successfully (it is an audio-conferencing
package)? The usual distributions do not seem to have a linux binary.
I tried to build it but I realised I have to install quite a few
things before being able to link it.

So if anyone has already done it, please stop me from reinventing the wheel!

I prefer replies via personal e-mail. I will repost anything useful.

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