GNU Autoconf/Automake

GNU Autoconf/Automake

Post by Ross Vandegrif » Tue, 27 Oct 1998 04:00:00

        Traditionally, all the programming I have done has been for me only,
and it has been simple stuff.  Now that I am working on a larger
project, I really do have to consider the build system.  I have written
a simple build system using GNU Autoconf, but it was incredibly
difficult to update, maintain, or add to.  When it was two source files,
with just one subdir, it worked pretty well.  However, when I added a
second subdir and another source file with different libraries/headers,
it was a whole lot of work to get it to work.  And it seemed like
sometimes autoscan would be so off it was hardly worth using.  So I
looked into Automake, not knowing what it did.  Automake just seemed to
add another layer of bull*to the pile.  I find it hard to believe
that a project as large as The Gimp would wrestle a system like this the
whole way through development.  All of the Autoconf tutorial sites on
the Linux Programmer's Bounce Point are perfunctunary and of little
help.  There must be something that I am doing wrong.  1) Could someone
post the basic method of going about making a deep Automake build
system?  2) Is Imake any better?

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  If one wants to learn how properly to use these tools, does
the reputed chaotic layout of the "GNU Autoconf, Automake and
Libtool Book" make it a bad bet (Amazon customer reviews, and
other reviews)? Would that book be truly worthwhile to peruse
or even to include in a mini-distribution of Debian meant for
the desktop and to represent the "best of Linux"?


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