Finding the random seed

Finding the random seed

Post by Pauld » Thu, 20 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I need to find out what seed the random() function is currently at.  Is
there any way of doing this?

Background to problem:
I need to take over the random number and seed it to specific values so
I can get the same random numbers later on if required.  When this part
of the program is finished I'd like it to put the random number
generator back to how it found it...
Paul Richards (Pauldoo) -


1. What is a good random seed?

Is there a way to have a more random way to seed RANDOM?

Now I do RANDOM=(multiply part of the CPU number * part of time * Process
Id) % 32767

A better way would be to make a number by testing CPU usage and generate a 1
when it increases and a 0 when it doesn't.  But this is prettty involved for
the ksh and it only works for busy systems.

This has to run only once on different systems.

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