AfterEffects-like Apps/video boards

AfterEffects-like Apps/video boards

Post by Bill Eldridg » Thu, 09 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Wondering what's available that's AfterEffects-like
supporting video compression boards with audio
tracking.  (Basically syncing up scanned-in animation
cels and audio, outputting to SVHS/later to DVD.



1. Problem With On-board Video Card For Intel Desktop Board D865GBF


Has anybody managed to install Debian on the Intel Desktop Board
DB865GBF Motherboard and successfully run either Gnome, KDE or X

When attempting to run one of these I get errors due to incorrect
specifications of the graphics card.

If so could you please let me know the settings.  I've tried every
setting under the sun with no success.


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