emacs key bindings

emacs key bindings

Post by David Shaffe » Wed, 15 Jul 1998 04:00:00

is there a way to get the key bindings for emacs to act like ms_notepad?

<shift>+<dn> selects a line
<ctrl>+<home> top of page
.. etc


emacs key bindings

Post by David M. Co » Sat, 18 Jul 1998 04:00:00

A better place to ask emacs questions would be the gnu.emacs or
comp.emacs.xemacs newsgroups.

><shift>+<dn> selects a line

In XEmacs you can triple click to select a line.  There could be a keyboard
shortcut for this, but I haven't discovered it yet.

shift-downarrow just moves down one line, and ctrl-h c also gives this as
just downarrow, so I don't think XEmacs recognizes it.

Quote:><ctrl>+<home> top of page

This goes to the top of the buffer in XEmacs.

Dave Cook


1. tcsh, emacs key bindings, SHIFT-arrow possible?

I'm using the tcsh with emacs key bindings (bindkey -e).
I'd REALLY like to assign:

  shift left arrow   to   backward-word
  shift right arrow   to   foreward-word

Just like nedit, just like all Windows products
(I know, this is a unix newsgroup, but
common functionality is Good).

P.S. Untried solutions don't count.

Thanks in advance!

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