Transport Layer Interface (TLI)

Transport Layer Interface (TLI)

Post by Bruce W. Big » Fri, 05 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Does Linux now support TLI, and, if not, why not?  SunOS 4.1.X has supported TLI for quite some time, and System V Release IV encourages the use of TLI.  One of the great benefits of TLI is its transport independence.  Please tell me where I can obtain a TLI library, unless the Fall 95 Yggrasil Linux supports it already.  I recently obtained it, but I have not installed it, yet.


P.S.  Please respond by email as well.


1. Transport Layer Interface (TLI)


I'm looking for an implementation of AT&T's Transport Layer Interface (TLI)
for my linux box. Any help is appreciated.


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