Problems linking static library on executable and static library

Problems linking static library on executable and static library

Post by Raúl Sánch » Thu, 22 May 2003 00:44:51

  I'm a newbie in programming on Un*x platforms, so maybe, it could
be caused by my lack of experience.

Ok. I have a static library "libSM.a" depending on two libraries one
of them shared: "" and a static one: "libCB.a"

I'm trying to compile an executable "EInvA" linking with both "libSM.a" and
"libCB.a" and get the following error:

CC  -mt -fast -DNONE_CLASH -o RELEASE/EInvA     RELEASE/inva.o
-lsocket -lnsl -ldl -lCstd -lc -lnsl -lsocket -lclntsh
-L/libs/libSM/STATIC -lSM -L/libs/libCB/STATIC -lCB

Undefined symbol                 first referenced in file

int CB::Connect(char*, char*) /libs/libSM/STATIC/libSM.a (libSM.o)
CB::CB()                      /libs/libSM/STATIC/libSM.a (libSM.o)
CB::~CB()                     /libs/libSM/STATIC/libSM.a (libSM.o)

And "CB" symbols are defined in "libCB.a"

?Could someone tell me what could be happening?

Thanks in advanced,


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I'm trying to link a static library against another static library, but I
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here's what I have

        some cpp files resulting to libCommon.a

        some cpp files, which use classes from /Common, resulting to
        main.cpp, using libSimulation.a

I want compile all the /Common stuff into a single static library,
libCommon.a. This will then get used by libraries for specific
applications, e.g. Simulation. I want the /Simulation stuff also to be
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Some help please?



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