rpm database problem

rpm database problem

Post by Uwe Grawer » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 00:47:41

hello im using the rpm4.2-devel package to get informations from
the local rpm database. i have a problem with the iterator given from
the rpm api.
my code in short terms:

#include <...> //all the headers needed

int main()
        Header h;
        rpmdb db;
        rpmdbMatchIterator dbItr;
        int count = 0;

        rpmReadConfigFiles( NULL, NULL);
        rpmdbOpen("", &db, O_READONLY, 0644);
        dbItr = rpmdbInitIterator(db, RPMTAG_NAME, NULL, 0);

        cout << "Elements: " << rpmdbGetIteratorCount(dbItr);

        while((h = rpmdbNextIterator(dbItr)) != NULL)

        cout << "Count: " << count;


my problem is that rpmdbGetIteratorCount() returns 0. but that cant be
because count have something about 500 and over. did anybody else had
this problem and can help me? thnx!!!

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