Help with Checkergcc 0.8+

Help with Checkergcc 0.8+

Post by Mark Rutherfo » Tue, 12 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Can anybody please tell me where to obtain the correct version of gcc source
so that I can apply patch supplied with Checker 0.8.  The version indicated
by checker is gcc-2.7.0  but when I apply the patch it failed.  While having
a look at the patch file supplied with Checker ,  I noticed that it looking
for  lines  in GCC which have already been patch by a checker patch.

If anybody can help with what I might be doing wrong or on the located of
a Checkergcc that they have used and knows that worked Please email me

/\/\ark Rutherford


1. termcap2.0.8 and linux2.0.8

pardon me if this is the wrong newsgroup:

i have noticed an annoying flash on the screen in console mode while editing
a text file with vi.  if i go to the end and try to move down a line the screen
flashes.  likewise if i go to the first line and try to move above that.
also, when in insert mode the buffer seems to puts a false space in the output
which is cleared up by an <esc> cntrl-l sequence.  i upgraded both linux (2.0.5
to 2.0.8) and termcap (from 2.0.0 to 2.0.8) tonight so i am not sure which is
the culprit, if any.  this problem is present in xterm sessions as well.

does anyone have an idea what needs to be updated, restored, recompiled, what
news group is best for this, or who should be contacted about this?

thanks for the help.

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