[Fwd: Sockets]

[Fwd: Sockets]

Post by Steve Housem » Tue, 17 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hello Jeff,
Not done this in binary, but manually telnetting to nntp works ok,
so possible that you are using a CR-LF or LF only and need to do opposite.
Only other suggestion is to check what is being received by the server
either by tcpdump (can that do it?) or by writing a small bit of code
to create a server socket and dumping what it is receiving.
Hope you fix it soon,
Steve Houseman

currently  steve.houseman at * net


[Fwd: Sockets]

Post by Jeff Smelse » Thu, 19 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hopefully some of you have done this.

Anyway, I am writting a nntp binary grabber basically. I got the socket
stuff working, but I can never give it more than one command, or the
second one fails. For Example:

I open the nntp server, received the welcome message. Then I send list.
Giving me ALL the groups.. Got the . and got out of my while loop. Send
the QUIT command.. And I receive, bad command from the NNTP server.. No
matter what command I give it, the second command fails!

I did a select after the first to see if maybe something was in the
buffer. No. The select comes back as a timeout.. So nothing is in
there... What am I missing??

I am writing this in c++ if that matters.

BTW, I can post code if needed, let me know what you wanna see, wasn't
sure what to post.



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 Socket Eight to S370 convertors coming

 Several Japanese sites are billing an adaptor which allows the
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 The systems are set to arrive in early August, and will allow single
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