calendar servers?

calendar servers?

Post by Will Ballantyn » Wed, 25 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Is there any project dealing with developing a calendar server based on
the RFC drafts (such as ICAP or iCalendar) for Linux?


1. access calendar via webaccess with Sun Calendar Server


I just installed the calendarserver on a E457/Solaris 2.6,
everything looked ok, execpt that i cannot use it via webaccess.

.)I can create/delete calendars from commandline, can access
   them via the cde Calendar tool.
.)I can connect to the Webserver on port 8080, to the Admin server
  on port 9090, can access the url webserver/WebAccess
.) I can remotly use the calendar via the cde Calendar tool

 but I cannot login via webaccess (It always complains, that i cannot
        authenticat me.)

We use nis+ on our site, and I have selected nis+ when i was asked
 about the password System
I have created a local user  and created an calendar for him, but this
  didn't help.

any ideas ???
Michael Pfennich

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