nodelay problem on serial terminals

nodelay problem on serial terminals

Post by Vern Hox » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00

>I'm running a SCO binary on Linux (2.0.33). In this curses application,
>nodelay() is used to allow keyboard read function to return immediately,
>whether there is input in buffer or not. It works fine from console X-session
>shell, emulating xterm.

>But from console emulating scoansi (via getty), or on a serial terminal

>while the nodelay is active and the keyboard is being checked for input
>(otherwise, the display is clean). This did not occur when binary was running
>native on SCO Unix (3.2.4).

>XON/XOFF is enabled. Did not stumble onto a solution by tinkering with some
>of the other stty settings. Any suggestions ?

Read my 'serial_suite.tgz'.  This is a collection of blurbs about the
care and feed of the serial ports and some simple programs.  There is
a file demonstrating how the lock files should be programmed. There
is a simple getty, a dialer for ppp connections and some other misc

Via ftp:


Login as "anonymous" then use your full e-mail address as the password.

cd pub/linux



In particular, read the "termios.blurb" about the relationships of
'VTIME' and 'VMIN'.



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