HELP!!!!!....looking for Vibe (visix software)?

HELP!!!!!....looking for Vibe (visix software)?

Post by James Acom » Mon, 19 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Keep on seeing references to Vibe (visix software) as an excellent
toolset for a Linux gui based development tool....I can't find it
though!!!!....anybody have a copy I can download, or know where I can
find it?...of know of a better toolset?.....

Thanx in advance


(go penguins!)


1. Vibe - Java IDE from Visix

Hey all,

Visix software has released a preview of Vibe, its
Java Development Environment.  


VIBE is a fully integrated development and deployment
environment for building Java applications.  Vibe is
comprised of a visual Java-specific integrated development
environment (IDE), which includes a compiler and debugger,
an extensive set of class libraries including superior
geometry management support (Springs and Struts),
ActiveX support, and an enriched virtual machine (VM)
for production application deployment across intranets.
Database and distributed support will be available in future
releases.  Applications built using Vibe will be executable
using a Visix-provided "runner" delivered as a browser plugin.
In addition to Linux, platform support will include
Windows 95/NT, Solaris, SunOS, PowerMac, OS/2, Irix, AIX,
HP-UX, and Digital Unix.

Go to to get the preview.


Jeff Anderson - Vibe Product Manager
Visix Software

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