Problems with developing fbdev application

Problems with developing fbdev application

Post by Lewin A.R.W. Edwar » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 02:48:41

Hi all,

I'm porting an embedded X application to work with the framebuffer
console, and I've got a couple of problems. FWIW I am working on a
system with Via Eden ESP6000 CPU (677MHz) and the VT8606 multifunction
chip, containing a Savage4 video core, at 1280x1024x32bpp.

1. How do I switch to a different virtual console? I've mmapped the
framebuffer into my app's address space, and I can r/w it with no
problems, but kernel messages and console output from child processes
are hitting the screen, which is most undesirable.

2. Short of patching the framebuffer driver, how do I hide the cursor?
I've tried FBIOPUT_CURSORSTATE with mode = FB_CURSOR_OFF, and
FBIOPUT_V_CURSORINFO with width = height = 0 but neither of these hide
the flashing text cursor. :(

3. (Very specific..) Has anyone used the Links browser in framebuffer
mode? When I run it, it works fine but on exit the display gets
permanently corrupted in weird ways. Nothing fixes that short of a
reboot. I've grepped through the sources looking for FBIO_ ioctls but
it seems Links doesn't use any.

Thanks for any suggestions on these issues...