fortune - how to make own fortunes ?

fortune - how to make own fortunes ?

Post by Wolfgang Szoe » Thu, 26 Jan 1995 17:42:15

(...i think this should belong here, because i've never seen
on any other un*x system this form of fortune )

I read the manuals of fortune and strfile,
took a look to the already existing fortune-files,
and tried to make my own file.

The success was nearly ZERO:
The .dat file was created by strfile, and seemed to be ok,
but fortune myfile only displays the first entry.

To avoid any errors, i used the original zippy file,
and generated a new zippy.dat.
This .dat has the same size as the original, but diff says they differ.
And fortune behaves the same like on my file: only the first string is
printed. You never get any other string with fortune.

So my question is: What did i wrong ?
Which options MUST be used for strfile to get a valid fortune-file ?

Regards Wolfgang


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James Nau

College of Engineering
University of Nebraska--Lincoln
W181 Nebraska Hall
Lincoln, NE  68588-0501

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