VT100 libraries (Java framework)

VT100 libraries (Java framework)

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> I am after a library that will allow me to do 'window' type operations
> on a VT100/VT220 terminal....

> To be more specific, what I want is free C/C++ source code--or a
> Solaris library--that will allow me to rapidly develop an application
> that uses a VT100/VT220 interface, but will allow windows to be popped
> up, menus and drop-downs to be displayed, etc....

If, for this, you might enjoy Java, you might want Rob Pitman's

CHARVA: A Java Windowing Toolkit for Text Terminals


The package is under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

To quote from the webpage:

    CHARVA is a Java framework for presenting a "graphical" user
    interface, composed of elements such as windows, dialogs,  
    menus, textfields and buttons, on a traditional character-mode
    ASCII terminal. It has an API based on that of the Abstract  
    Window Toolkit (AWT) and the "Swing" classes (collectively  
    known as the Java Foundation Classes).  Programmers familiar
    with AWT and Swing will find programming CHARVA straightforward.
    User interfaces can be designed on WYSIWYG IDEs such as Borland
    JBuilder and then easily converted to CHARVA, provided
    (of course) that they do not rely on capabilities of which
    text terminals are not physically capable (such as images,
    "mouse events" and "drag and drop").



1. vt100, vt100-am, vt100-bot-s . . .

I am wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of determining
what the above noted terminal drivers (files?) mean?  Where in the docs
I might find out what the difference between vt100 and vt100-bot-s and/
or at386??  I dial into a UNIX system using a comm program emulating
vt100.  I am curious if I change that if I could introduce color into
the screen display, etc . . .

I've been through most (if not all) man pages on the system for UNIX
and have not found any indication as to what all of the hundreds (thousands) of files might mean.

Any information/help would be greatly appreciated.


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