xforms library has no soname (oversight or intended)?

xforms library has no soname (oversight or intended)?

Post by John C. Peters » Thu, 03 Sep 1998 04:00:00

   It seems that the xforms library (0.88 to be specific) was not built
with the -soname option. I beleive this is the case because when I ran
ldconfig after installing the libforms.so.0.88 binary, it did *not*
create a link for libforms.so.0 and libforms.so as it would had
-soname been used. I got the following ldconfig output;

# ldconfig -v /usr/X11R6/lib
ldconfig: version 1.7.14
        libforms.so.0.88 => libforms.so.0.88
        ... etc. ...

OK, so my question is the following; Can I create the links for
libforms.so, libforms.so.0 by hand, or was the soname left out for a
reason (ie: the library internals have not yet stabilized?) (BTW,
xforms is distributed in binary form only, so a recompile is not
possible, for me that is).

Best Regards, John

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