gcc 3.0.x problem with -fkeep-inline-functions

gcc 3.0.x problem with -fkeep-inline-functions

Post by Mathias Waac » Tue, 26 Feb 2002 21:23:51

Hi all,

I have a class like this:

namespace A {
class B {
  void do_one(int) throw();
  void do_two() throw() { do_one(42); }


Compiling a (slightly larger) project containing some .cpp files which
include the header defining the class above results in the error:

undefined reference to `A::B::do_one(int)'

It must be noted that none of the .cpp files create an instance of this
class (the header contains some typedefs which are used). After removing
the -fkeep-inline-functions switch from the command line, the project
compiles. It compiles too if I move the body of do_two into a .cpp file.
And it compiles with gcc 2.95.3, even with the -fkeep-inline-functions

Unfortunatly I wasn't able to reproduce this with a smaller example.
Anybody knows whats going wrong?



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