CFLAGS for mpeg_play?

CFLAGS for mpeg_play?

Post by Juergen Koslows » Fri, 17 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,

I'm seeing nice speed improvements after installing PGC pl8 on my
machine, especially when compiling with the -O6 option (e.g.,
12% in teTeX, and a noticable improvement in xanim).  But when I
tried to recompile mpeg_play (version 2.1), I could not recreate
the behaviour or the speed of the linux ELF binary that is
available.  Running on a 32 bit display, the ELF binary automatically
seems to use "-dither color" (although it explicitly suggests this
option), and prints out messages to the effect that memory is being
shared.  All the versions I compiled used "-dither ordered" by
default (no matter what flags I set in the Makefile), and did not
produce messages about shared memory.  Explicitly requesting the
option "-dither color" when running the program fixe the first
problem.  But in any case, the versions I compiled were slower
(I got frame rates of <12.6 compared to >13.6 with the ELF binary).
I do have an ELF system.  So I'd like to know what tweaks were
used to produce this nice fast binary???


-- J"urgen

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1. Summary of answers: feeding CFLAGS of "make CFLAGS=-g" to sub-makes

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get fed to recursively-invoked makes.

sub-makes if you use a command line of the above form.

and you're a "sh" user, you can use a command such as

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(and in particular, sub-makes) looks in the environment for variables.

look through the environment for variable values.

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But even with a MORE/bsd source license, you don't get /usr/5bin/make source.
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