Job US-CA-LA Unix/Linux Graphics Programmer

Job US-CA-LA Unix/Linux Graphics Programmer

Post by Walter Marti » Fri, 19 May 2000 04:00:00

Altamira Group, Inc., is a privately held corporation that develops and
markets leading-edge image scaling and resolution-on-demand technology.
We have revolutionized the way companies create, store, and
electronically deliver digital images of any size or resolution
on-demand to their customers, resulting in significant process
efficiencies and cost savings.  Altamira has a fast-paced, high-energy
environment that rewards hard work and innovative thinking.  

Altamira offers a casual work environment and flexible hours.  We also
offer 80 hours of paid vacation time, forty hours of sick time, and a
401k plan.  Insurance coverage includes medical, dental, vision, and
life.  Stock options are expected to be offered in the future.  We are
looking for enthusiastic, team-oriented individuals who would like to
be part of a fun, dynamic, rapidly growing company.

This position is for our Los Angeles area office.  It is currently
located in Burbank, California, but is expected to be relocated to
downtown Los Angeles in the near future.

Software Engineer - Unix Graphics (UGE)

Creates and maintains commercial-quality Unix graphics software written
in C/C++.

Required Experience
- Bachelors Degree or higher in Computer Science
- Experience programming in C/C++ on Unix
- Object-oriented design
- GUI development
- Experience developing software that manipulates 2-D bitmap images

Additional Desired Experience
- Experience working with GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)
- Experience working in mixed Macintosh/Windows/Unix environments
- Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Linux
- User-level experience with a range of paint, image manipulation,
publishing, asset management, or video editing applications and

Walter Martin
Manager of Development

Altamira Group, Inc.
1827 West Verdugo Avenue, Suite C
Burbank CA 91506
Telephone: 818.556.2898