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XCd 1.2 - An X11 CD Player
NEW IN 1.2:
    * Nothing new, just bug fixes.

    * Eject, Stop, Pause, Play, Previos Track, Next Track, Cue, Review
    * Play modes - Normal, Shuffle, Program, Intro
    * Repeat modes - None, Track, Disc
    * Database of CD titles, artists, and track names.
    * Database is loaded only when needed
    * Command Line Interface (no X11 required)
    * Doesn't use Motif!

        * Source for XCd
        * Linux 1.2.x binary, statically linked with XForms
        * Docs and screen shots of XCd (hope you like the Neil Young ;)
        * Source for XCd
        * Linux 1.2.x binary, statically linked with XForms

    XCd is an X11 CD player that provides all the "normal" features of a real
    audio CD player.  In addition, it keeps a database of CD titles, artists,
    and track names, and can identify a disc from this database when the
    disc is placed in the CD drive.  XCd has a nice 3-D look that comes from
    the XForms library (  The XForms
    library is free for non-commercial use and much smaller than Motif.  So,
    a binary that is statically linked with the XForms library is much smaller
    than say Xmcd.

    XCd is also very easy to use.  Each of the configurable features of XCd
    can be set using the Preferences popup.  Adding a CD to the database is
    as simple as putting the disc in the drive, and entering the information.
    To program a few tracks for playing is easy with the Program popup and
    a few mouse clicks.

    Please send any comments/suggestions about the look, feel, and behavior
    of XCd to the address below.  I would like to get some feedback, so that
    I can improve XCd.

    I do not have access to a wide variety of machines, so I need help porting
    XCd to other platforms.  The XForms library is available for most (if not
    all) major platforms, and XCd requires Sun-style ioctl()'s to control the
    CDROM drive.  If you have ported XCd to a new platform, please send me
    email.  If you would like to port XCd to another platform you can contact
    me for help.  I should be able to provide enough suggestions to get you

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