Debian->RedHat package converter

Debian->RedHat package converter

Post by Randolph Chu » Sun, 23 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I am in the process of writing a Debian to RedHat package converter. An
initial version is completed and I am looking for alpha testers.

If you are interested, please visit

(Yes, the program is called Martian)

If you decide to download the code, I would much appreciate if you will
email me and let me know (that you are using it, and what you think). Thank
you :)


Cornell University          (----)
Ithaca, NY, USA            ( >__< )         - PGP public key: - ^^ ~~ ^^


1. Converting Package From Debian To RedHat


What would I need to do if I want to convert software package
that is compressed in debian format to Redhat format?  I know
that RPM is the solution, but how?  For instance, if I have
a g77_0.5.19.1-1.deb package and would like to convert it to
a Redhat package, g77_0.5.19.1-1.rpm, so that I can use the
RPM to manage the installation.



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