BRL-CAD under Linux

BRL-CAD under Linux

Post by Jim Hu » Sat, 24 Dec 1994 01:23:24

> I just got my first complete compilation of BRL-CAD Release 4.3beta2+
> on Linux.  The benchmark runs successfully, at roughly 5X a VAX on
> Jim's 486 machine:

> Abs     vblt    664.58  328.49  296.88  280.10  346.69  383.34
> *vgr    vblt    4.85    4.89    5.29    5.24    4.90    5.03

> That is almost exactly the same performance we got from the Gould 9050
> class single-CPUs, 10 years ago.... :-)

> I've started reading the documentation on how to create shared libraries
> for Linux, but it is ugly, Ugly, UGLY.  I'm pouring over the shell

> hopes of getting shared library support figured out in time for the
> release.  Any Linux wizards want to take a crack at it for me?  (hope hope!)

>    Best,
>     -Mike

So I am posting this to broaden Mike's appeal.  The binaries right now
are huge, so any help putting shared libraries together would be grealy

BTW, the machine is a 486DX266 with 16M RAM.

--jim Hunt
US Army Research Lab


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